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Privilege among Information Professionals

This Topic box is meant to highlight the concept of Privilege and the advantages it gives to some, at the expense of others. As suggested in a blog post by librarian Cecily Walker, this topic box is meant to “discuss these concepts inside (and outside) of professional contexts with an eye toward dismantling those structures that work to keep our profession from diversifying.”

There are various types of privilege, some include white privilege, male privilege, cisgender privilege, straight privilege, class privilege, religion privilege, education privilege, age privilege, physical ability privilege, and economic privilege are some.

To better understand the reality of privilege, here are some resources to review

What is next after acknowledging your privilege?

Members, please let us know via SLA Connect DICE if you know of addition resources we should add here.

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SLA’s Diversity, Inclusion, Community, Equity (DICE) Caucus is a permanent, organized presence of diversity and inclusion (D&I) within and for the association and its members. All SLA members may join DICE at no charge. DICE provides tools and more for units and members. 



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Events, webinars, etc. – conferences, lectures, webinars on Diversity Inclusion Equity and Community in LIS:
  • The second Critical Librarianship & Pedagogy Symposium will be held November 15-16 2018 at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. The 2018 theme is “Power & Resistance in Library Pedagogy”.  **Registration will be free
  • IDEAL ’19 to be held Tuesday–Wednesday, August 6–7, 2019 formerly the National Diversity in Libraries Conference.  Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in Libraries & Archives.